Overweight and Over 50,
Will There Be a Second Chance at Love?

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Hi I'm Margot and I show the ups and downs and quirky side of dating for those over 50. Even if they think there is no Hope, I show them there is...I hope!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

After years of answering my kids question of ,”What do you want for your birthday?” I finally got what I asked for…A Man!  Okay, maybe just in cake form now, but it’s a start. And to make it even better , It’s Tom Selleck.
     In my quest to find a man, just how many Tom Selleck’s are out there?  I remember watching Magnum P.I  and just loving the beautiful scenery of Hawaii (Tom included).  Then he showed up on the Friends TV sitcom series.  Oh how I envied Monica.
     Life has shown me that the most loving husbands usually don’t look anything like Tom Selleck and their wives are blissfully happy in spite of that fact. 
Well, on with the huntJ

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pop-Ups for Profiles

Lots of looker, but no takers. I really need to talk to an online dating expert.
Just what are men looking for? Okay probably not “overweight and over 50.”

Every other day I check out who’s been peeking at my profile and I’m always surprised that no one bothers to say hello...except “No Tattoos” and “Do You Ride Motorcycles.” So I guess I should spice up my profile. Like the time in the relationship status I accidently put “Single never married.” Right below that I had listed that I had 5+ children. Yes, now that would make for an interesting profile, especially on the religious sites where I post my profile. No wonder I got so many looks.

Maybe I should get one of those pop-ups. You know those annoying little things that block you from exiting a site. Mine would look something like this:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Secret Rules to Online Dating

I'm still looking for that someone who can converse with just a bit of intellect. Maybe online dating sites aren’t the place to look. “Do you Ride Motorcycles” waited the two days (as I guessed ) before responding to my question of , ”Where do you like to ride?” His reply was that he liked to do gardening

So I visualize him poppin’ wheelies with his motorcycle in his garden to turn over the soil instead of using a tiller.

When I asked “No Tattoos” , “On a scale of 1-10, how tolerant would you rate yourself of others’ thoughts and beliefs if they differ from your own?"  His reply,” Green eyes! Green eyes are my favorite.”

These are not isolated examples. It happens quite a bit. I make sure I do not ask a question in the body of a paragraph and if there is more than one question I even number it for them so they can see there is more than one question.

Is there another rule to online dating that I’m missing? The "Do not ask direct questions"  rule?
And if someone does ask a direct question are you supposed to  follow the "Be evasive or just reply with some random answer" rule?