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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day For Singles - Making The Most of The Day of Love.

That fabulous day of flowers and chocolates, gifts and valentine cards with loving sentimental poems, is just around the corner. Millions of Americans will find themselves alone, but it doesn’t need to end up that way.

There are several ways to include others on Valentine’s Day as well as making it special for yourself. Here of some of the most popular things to do to shake off the feelings of loneliness and enjoy the holiday.

1 - Y Pamper yourself. This is a great time to light the candles and pour a scented bath. Take the time for a pedicure or get a massage. Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take time for ourselves. This is a great day to indulge.

2 - Y Call Mom and Dad, a family member or a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them a wonderful day.

3 - Y Don’t wait to be invited, you be the one to make things happen. Call up others that you know are spending the day alone and go out to dinner or a movie, or maybe just stay home and have a game night playing your favorite board games.

4 - Y Visit the homebound or an assisted living facility. These are people who get so little attention and a valentine with a simple hello could mean the world to them.

5 - Y Offer to tend a couple’s children so that they can have a night on the town. You can have a blast with the kids and making valentine treats and cards for their parents.

6 - Y See what’s happening in your area. Sometimes radio stations or communities put on events to celebrate the day. Go and mingle, maybe you’ll run into a friend or two. Maybe you will make a friend or two. Just because you go alone doesn’t mean you will stay that way.

7 - Y Make treats and give them to your neighbors. If your cooking skills need some work, buy an assortment of treats and bag them up with a nice bow. I have a friend that buys goodies at the big warehouse stores. By the time they are delivered as gifts, they are in a decorative bag with a pretty bow.

This is the day to spread the love .Putting the focus on other’s will surely cure the blues for being alone on Valentine’s Day. We will get back much more than we give.