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Hi I'm Margot and I show the ups and downs and quirky side of dating for those over 50. Even if they think there is no Hope, I show them there is...I hope!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pop-Ups for Profiles

Lots of looker, but no takers. I really need to talk to an online dating expert.
Just what are men looking for? Okay probably not “overweight and over 50.”

Every other day I check out who’s been peeking at my profile and I’m always surprised that no one bothers to say hello...except “No Tattoos” and “Do You Ride Motorcycles.” So I guess I should spice up my profile. Like the time in the relationship status I accidently put “Single never married.” Right below that I had listed that I had 5+ children. Yes, now that would make for an interesting profile, especially on the religious sites where I post my profile. No wonder I got so many looks.

Maybe I should get one of those pop-ups. You know those annoying little things that block you from exiting a site. Mine would look something like this: