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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How To Date A Doctor...Or Not

A tall, dark and handsome doctor was my dinner companion last week. Well, okay, he sat at my dinner table at a convention I was attending, along with several other women. I kept checking out his hand. No ring….Not even a tan line….Hmmm was he married or not? “So Doctor,” I asked, “Are you on the road a lot?” “Yes, a lot,” he replied.

So what did I ask next? If I were smart I would have asked how his wife liked him being away so much. In which he could have said either, not much, or I’m not married, but my girlfriend travels with me or my ‘partner’ doesn’t like being left behind, anything that would indicate his eligibility status. But the next question I asked was, “Do you have any children?” What???? Do you have any children, what kind of question is that?

Later, I asked how I might get in touch with him if I had a question and he wrote down his number on a card. I was ecstatic! Then later, after researching his line of products, I realized that it was the 800 number to his company and anyone could get it going to the company website.
I think I’ll email him and ask, “ How does your hydrogen peroxide product prevent the conversion to hydroxyl radical such as in
Fe(II) + H2O2 → •OH + OH- + Fe(III) a known oxidative stress, which is an important factor in the development or enhancement of disease?”

Or maybe I should just ask, “Are you single and would you mind if I flirted with you.”