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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do Single Men Go To Church?

I would love to have a God fearing, Christian man in my life. But you won’t find many of them in church. Research shows that only 15-20 % of single men go too church. In “ How to Marry the Rich,” by Ginie Polo Sayles , she writes , “ The denominations and religions favored by the Rich are the Episcopal denomination and the Jewish religion.” I’m not sure I want to switch religions just to find a rich God fearing man. Attending a particular church just to scope out the men seems a little less than genuine.

So where do the men go if not to church? Many men don’t believe they need organized religion to have a relationship with God. Some take Sunday as a day to reconnect with nature, biking, hiking, cycling, boating, fishing etc. Many men have forgotten about God and the Sabbath and are out golfing or in front of the TV with a 6 pack, (beer not abs) watching a football game.

Where ever you are God fearing Christian man, Margot is looking for you.