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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Men Are Like A Box of Chocolates

In the art of manifesting we are taught to be clear, very clear in what we want. When it comes to manifesting a man I just don’t know exactly what I want. You see, I believe that men are like a box of chocolates.

When I get a box of chocolates I am so excited by the variety that I just don’t know where to start. So I usually pick a familiar favorite, something I’m comfortable with. And while I’m being comfortable with the old standby flavor, I share my chocolates. But then I think I should be more daring and try something new. That’s when I find out all the good ones have been taken. And all that’s left are those chocolates that look pretty on the outside, but when you pick them up you find out someone has dug a little hole on the bottom of the chocolate, saw that they didn’t want it and put it back. And who is it that doesn’t bother to discreetly dig at bottom and takes a full nibble before deciding that they don’t want it?

So when it comes to men, have all the good ones been taken? Are the men circulating the singles market been chewed up and spit out, or put back on the market with a little digs and scars?

Forget about the familiar favorites, I am looking for a man that wants to be enjoyed and savored. Someone who dares to be different like a mango truffle or a lime rickie chocolate.