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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Finally Did It....I Asked Him.

I've been taking my car to the same place to be serviced for years. The owner of place is a really interesting man. He can tell a great story which rates quite high with me. He is a kind, honest and hardworking man. So after all these years I asked him,
"So what's the story, are you married, single or what?"
He informed me that he had been separated for some time (years) and was still trying to work things out. I wanted to say,
"Well, let me know when you are single so I can legally flirt with you."

I believe that men who are separated are off limits for dating and flirting especially if they are still trying to work things out. But the real drawback is it may be a warning signal if they haven't got the gumption to either end the relationship or the commitment to get on board and make it work. They may be wishy-washy in other relationships.

I'm looking for a man with passion and conviction who can see things through.

But for now, I'll continue to enjoy his stories.