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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Am Nice For A Reason...It's The Best Way....

I am currently working in the customer service department at my place of employment and I have to tell you, there are a lot of ANGRY people out there. Maybe you are one of them! Just like in your own life, things seem to be going good for awhile and then everything appears to fall apart and we get a rash of phone calls from unhappy customers. You can blame it on the news, weather, the government or anything that is out of our control. But when we’re mad we want someone to know about it.

I don’t let any irate customer talk to my boss until they have talked to me first and calmed down. He’s younger, more stressed and takes things a little personally. I have learned to be nice for a reason….It’s the best way I know how to be mean. If you let an angry person talk long enough they’ll figure out on their own that they are being a jerk and are usually sorry. I find it better than calling their attention to the fact and putting them on the defense.

I believe that most people just want to be heard (That’s why there are so many bloggers out there J ) and if you listen long enough you get to make a friend or at least find out some really interesting stuff. If you want to be heard (and I do want to hear from you) please comment on my blog posts. By the way, thanks to amandaribali and Emotion Flow for commenting on my blog.