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Will There Be a Second Chance at Love?

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Hi I'm Margot and I show the ups and downs and quirky side of dating for those over 50. Even if they think there is no Hope, I show them there is...I hope!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time & Money

In an effort to save money I’ve decided not to go out to eat unless my date, who will be thoroughly enjoying my company, willingly pays for it. Food is always much better in the presence of good company. Men still do pay for the date…right?

I’m having trouble finding time to get out there and rounding up a date. I see another week has come and gone and I have not even made an attempt to put myself “out there”. Other than an occasional flirtatious tone in my voice at the office my interaction with single men is non-existent. Looking at my calendar, I won’t have an opening until May. Until then…..I’ll be hungry and...losing weight!