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Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Women Like Tall Men

Oooo, the lure of the tall, dark and handsome man. Where did that come from? Why not tall, blonde and handsome? Why not short, bald and somewhat cute? Then I have to think Clark Gable (6’1) or Omar Sharif (5’11) vs Danny Devito (4’11).
Research shows that taller men tend to make more money and get promoted faster than their shorter peers. Women are always looking for that extra bit of protection whether it is an ability to provide for family or big strong arms that can gently hold and make a her feel safe.
I have to say, being somewhat short myself (5’2) that I always thought I had the best of both worlds. In high school I had access to the shorter guys and the tall guys who loved feeling extra tall around short girls like me. I think it really burned the tall girls when the tall boys would go for short girls. I think they figured it was a waste of height.
Well, tall or short Margot is looking for a man. If you can learn to dance, teach me to fish and make me laugh, I just might find you.