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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How To Tell If He's SIngle

He came into the office today. He said his name was Mark. Tall, cute, polite, friendly and I began to wonder….Is he married? And then I heard that ever so soft clink as he set his left hand down on the railing.
When you are a single woman looking for a guy you have to have all your senses heightened to detect whether or not you are in the presence of a single guy. I was lucky. I heard the clink of his wedding ring before I made a fool of myself. At least he wore a ring.
So many married men today do not wear a wedding band to tell all of us single women that they are already taken. So, how do you know?
When looking to see if a man is single at the grocery store the answer is in his cart Does he have things like chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs, yogurt with Dora on the label, or Dove chocolate. Or does he have single serve items, a small box of Minute Rice a six pack of beer and no fruits or vegetables. It’s more of the whole group of objects rather than one or two items that give it away.

We can discuss other ways to tell if a guy is single in other scenarios at a later date. Please leave a comment if you have anything to add.