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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul...And Sometimes a Date!

Mastering the art of flirting is essential to captivating the heart of your target (man.) Flirting with the eyes is fun and easy if you know what to do. Some women do it quite naturally, others (me) need lots of practice. In How to Marry The Rich, Ginnie Sayles says that flirting is best done in a state of high energy, perky posture and a quick pace and a happy and luminous face. Now pay close attention to what she says what to do with the eyes… “look deliberately into the eyes of every man you pass for 2 full, piercing seconds—and then slide your eyes away to the direction you’re walking. At the moment your eyes begin sliding away start smiling.” This is a fun way to practice flirting with the eyes.

Another way is from Kevin Hogan’ s Irresistible Attraction. This book is my Manhunter’s bible. Kevin says that you should maintain eye contact with your date (or potential date) about 80% of the time. That translates into a 7 second gaze and a 3 second look away, or a 14 second gaze and a 6 second look away. And this does NOT mean staring into the pupils until you are dizzy. You gaze into the eye nose triangle. One suggestion is to look from eye to eye then to nose repeated during a conversation.

Mr. Hogan also suggests that “flashing” your eyebrows ( a quick raise of the eyebrows,)is another way to signal someone you are interested. If someone “flashes “you, it is polite to “flash ” back. If someone doesn’t “flash “ you back they are either rude or not interested. “ Flashing” is fun, so just move on to the next “flashee.”
The next step is to after the “flash” or making eye contact for a few seconds, look down and the up again into his eyes. I taught this to my married daughter who did it to her husband. He immediately smiled and gave her a wonderful compliment. It WORKS! So practice, practice, practice.